Pain as a way of Knowing by Richard Rhor


I love Richard Rhor. He is a Catholic Franciscan monk who is very open to other religions, but focused on Jesus. His insights especially into spiritual growth are immense. What do you think of this premise? I agree, but wish sometimes it didn’t have to be so hard. What do you think?


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  1. Richard R is becoming 1 of my favs : not because other people decided he was good, but because other people introduced me to him and I decided he was/is Good! I could so without pain! Even as I type, my hands are burning and a bit sore; a new stupid phenomenon … anyway, my spirit has gained a greater understanding of the beauty of this world: in it’s present state : the way things are.. many of them good and beautiful … the uglinesses and the less than nices are still there but not quite as dim or repugnant as once perceived .. why? well it has to do with a book I read that describes someone’s decent into hell: into the different visions of the body of evil: rooms, if you will of hideous nature, lonely existence, torture, sheer churnings of punishment and reality that the author was able to view; M Baxter was her name… One can debate whether her psyche or a real trip occurred to see things things … visions.. whether fantasy or real is not my point: my point is that by reading how awful her scenes were … that she saw.. and described .. it had a negative effect on me while reading : I sympathized, envisioned, understood her journey into the belly of hell to the extent that my mind would allow me to take the time to read it, not judge her, or even decipher whether or not it really happened: the effect on me was the same: the effect was that those descriptions were so awful and vile that

    • I couldn’t help but come out of the book.. the story, the place and then be completely over joyed with what this planet, our grass, our trees, flowers, even gnarly twisted creepy root systems.. muddy rivers, blazing sun, awesome star patterns in the night sky, budding trees, affirming clouds, and yes, even rude people… they were suddenly beautiful! and I was not alone in a horrible hewn stone cell in the Pitt of the earth void of love, other people, angels of goodness, God’s love, provisions of food, oxygenated air.. I was not burning as a skeleton, nor were there any demonic creatures inflicting pain or pointing the way to prisons that looked like pits to burn trash in.. no stench, rather an amazing planet with life abuzz and lots to be thankful for! peace …. mc2

      • so my brush with pain or the book’s description therein was an eye opener: I experienced that negative view and empathic vision of pain yet gained a bigger, better, more appreciative version of Good, Goodness, & God.

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