Book Study


We are beginning a book study of the book Forgiving-Others-Me by Renee Fisher. It can ordered from Amazon in paperback or Kindle/ebook. We can post comments here as we read. We will meet still on the First Sat. of each month at 11am to discuss but in between can discuss here. I will post questions or anyone can.

Today we discussed how our hardships have made us harder to get along with or sometimes more empathetic. We also discussed how hard it is to forgive ourselves. Our images of God have changed as we have changed too. Feel free to leave your comments below.


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  1. I’ve started reading the book. Think I’ve read the first 2-3 chapters. Can’t really comment much yet except to say they reference a lot of scripture.
    Jan had already mentioned their would be some but I wasn’t expecting quite so many so early in the book.
    I’m studying Buddhism so I’ve pulled out a book I have entitled, “Jesus and Buddha, The Parallel Sayings”. Hopefully that will get me past those moments when my skin bristles and my ears stop hearing.
    Looking forward to hearing from the rest of the group.

  2. I’ve started a new post. I too noticed the Bible references, but as long as they are relevant and not exclusive lets just keep giving it a go. We will be interest to hear your input from your book too on Jesus and Buddha. I used to have one, but can’t find it. I think I loaned it to someone, so I am glad you have one to comment with.

  3. Also I fixed the settings so the comments should appear automatically now. Before I had to manually approve them and I didn’t realize this. Sorry, Joy and all, we’ll get the bugs worked out.

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